We will help you to prepare your company for sale, or assist in your purchase, by:
1. Ensuring that your businesses’ IP is fit for sale: protected (designs, trade marks and patents), and in the correct ownership (domain names, software, designs).

2.Providing specialist advice on IP warranties and indemnities in an SPA; carrying out due diligence on a target company including identifying the intellectual property rights which relate to the business and resolving issues regarding ownership or freedom to use; and examining a portfolio of trade marks, patents and/or designs to ensure details such as ownership and renewals are up to date.


Intellectual property can be a significant asset whether you are an individual inventor or writer, or you have a substantial business. 

Licensing or protecting your IP.

If you are licensing your IP or want to protect it in the context of a broader agreement such as a manufacturing or distribution agreement, or you are taking a licence or assignment of IP, we will support you from strategy to drafting and negotiation. A confidentiality agreement or NDA may be required before you engage in sensitive commercial discussions, or to protect a patentable invention or registrable design before your application has been filed.