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Designs and Copyright

The nature of design rights has changed significantly over the last decade or more.  Many businesses are consequently unaware of the importance of these very useful rights, or that they own designs which can be protected and exploited. Design right and copyright are rights which arise automatically (without the need for registration) and which provide effective protection for a wide range of products.  Design right protection can also be enhanced and extended through registration.

We have acted in a large number of high profile cases involving design right and copyright protection and we regularly advise clients in relation to copyright and design right claims in a range of fields including: online design services, clothing, food packaging, software licensing, advertising and jewellery design. 


In addition to products which clearly attract design right and/or copyright, such as original clothing designs, logos,  software, jewellery, it may be that a product that cannot be protected through the grant of a patent, can be protected through registration of design rights.

Claims for design right and copyright infringement are often of low monetary value but of great value in defending the exclusivity and market position of a brand. We therefore understand that cost effectiveness needs to form an integral part of our advice.

Sarah has been awarded the 2021 Lawyer Monthly Women in Law Award for copyright. 

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